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How Are Green Carpet Cleaning Solutions Different?

The question which may arise is that the difference between the cleaning of carpet with green carpet cleaning solution and solution with chemical. Both the methods are applicable as well as effective. It must be seen that the natural solution is having a positive results on your health home and environment.

Carpet steam cleaning by professional carpet cleaning services such as Sparkling Cleaning Services is very important after every 6 months this will help in cleaning all the dirt and bacteria present in the carpet. Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is another method which can help in cleaning the carpet from inside. Dry carpet cleaning is even a carpet cleaning technique which will help in cleaning the carpet and make the carpet look new.


Advantages of using chemical cleaning solution:

  • Chemicals are very easy to use and anyone can read and use it by reading the instruction.
  • You can even get the immediate or the fast result as these chemical cleaners can provide you the result you want and the clean you want in your carpet.
  • The chemical cleaners are available in the market in low price.

Disadvantages of chemical cleaning solution:

    • The smell of chemical is also available after cleaning the carpet. The smell is very bad and you have to deal with this till the smell is not fully gone.
    • As the chemical have toxic in it this can even lead to health problem or breading problem and allergies.
    • You have to buy different chemical for the carpet stain removal because same product cannot do every carpet stain treatment.


  • If this chemicals are exposed in air then this can even toxic the air and can even toxic the water opened.


Advantages of green cleaning solution:

  • Green cleaning solutions are made at home and you need to mix this solution with water, vinegar, and the essential oil you want.
  • The residual from this solution are never harmful and this can help in cleaning the carpet by using natural products. These products are not harmful for anyone and come with lot of advantages and are not even harmful for kids.
  • This solution can be used in any stain problem and this can help in removing all the types of stains. So you don’t have to create different products for different stains.